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Kenrith in Holdfast

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[Kenrith] entered the Castle, and was up the first flight of stairs, with Mal and a worried Garryn at his heels, when he heard a soft, breathless voice behind him.

"Kenrith! I mean .. Ser Kenrith. Oh please, please stop! I have to talk to you!"

The speaker was a fair young woman, dainty and beautiful and dressed in the clothes of a noblewoman.

Kenrith slowed as he heard his name called, and turned around as she called him by his title. "Yes, can I help you milady?" he said with a questioning look on his face. While he had no idea who she was, and feared she might be one of the Boltons, he would not ignore a noblewoman in obvious distress so soon after being knighted.

Her colour was a little raised, and she glanced worriedly at Mal and Garryn who were flanking Kenrith.

Kenrith turned to his two companions and indicated the corner ahead. "Go keep an eye out, so that we aren't disturbed,"

Mal grunted and led the way.

"If you please ... well - even if you don't please, I'm Edlyn. Edlyn Martin. Your step-mother's daughter." She was watching for his response anxiously. "Perhaps Godwyn's mentioned me in his letters," she said, with the air of one conscious that this was a forlorn hope. "Or Syndra. Or ... =someone=. But ... I have to speak to you. And really, believe me, I want to =help=."

Kenrith studied her face with his grey eyes, and seemed unmoved. "I have come... a great distance to see my father, who has taken ill. I am told that, even now, the Septon and Maesters attend him along with the Maesters, his brother, and your mother. Herys Bolton, the man who brought plague and death to this home," Kenrith said as he touched his left shoulder with the brim of his helm, wihch he still held with his usable arm. "What is it that you wish to say, that you wish to help me with?" Kenrith asked.

"Yes," said Edlyn quickly. "Yes ... Ser Herys is here - and his son too. And I'm afraid ... and Syndra is too ... they're going to marry her off. I wanted to warn you ... "

"That Herys is here, and means to marry Syndra to his son?" Kenrith asked slowly. "Or, is there more?" Kenrith asked slowly. Fire burned deep within his eyes, but his mein did not promise violence. He wanted to ask about Herys' other son... perhaps he had brought the Black Pox to the castle this time... but Kenrith saw little purpose in such slander.

Edlyn shook her head. "Not at the moment. But ... " She bit her lip. "I think they mean to send Godwyn to the Wall, so you will be here alone."

"At this moment, your mother is most likely trying to convince my father to... adjust... the succession. You will, I hope, forgive me if I question whether you are trying to help me... or if you are telling me things I already know to delay me. Are you?" Kenrith asked while his eyes bored into her.

Edlyn's eyes narrowed.

"No, I am =not=! And I was right - you =are= disagreeable - you're worse than Godwyn when I first came to Holdfast and he was the most pig-headed and mulish boy I had =ever= met. And I think Syndra was =wrong= and you =will= throw me out on the streets at the first opportunity you get. And when I'm forced into becoming a Silent Sister - well. I won't say a single prayer for you. Not that they =say= prayers - but I won't even =think= one!"

And with that as a parting shot, she turned and marched away down the corridor from him, her head held high and her back stiff with indignation.

"Then I thank you for trying to help, perhaps at your own expense. If you will hold your judgement, I hope you will let me speak with you again later," Kenrith said as he raised his voice and took a halting step in her direction.

More quietly, a moment later, he said "I had to know which it was..." and shook his head.

Edlyn's march away did not slow for so much as a second.

Kenrith turned and resumed his long journey to his father's bed, which had begun Riverrun, and thought about what she had talked about. After her outburst, and his own to be fair, it was clear where she stood... she was afraid.

As Edlyn passed him, Mal came from the corridor behind Kenrith and caught him up with easy strides. Garryn was waiting for them around the corner.

Kenrith motioned for Mal to follow him as they both headed in Garryn's direction. He quietly cursed and shook his head. Mal smirked, but didn't say anything about it.

Garryn was ready to join him, looking a little baffled by all this.

As they moved closer to his father's rooms, they heard to sound of raised voices - men and women. Then a sudden roar from powerful lungs.

"He did WHAT? There's a Bolton here, and he dared do this? Where is he? WHERE?"

"Sounds like someone's none too happy," said Mal.

At this, Kenrith growled and ran towards the voices. He intended to only break stride as he rounded the last corner. His recent poor social form forgotten.

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