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Derron Thorne is descended from a banner house that no longer exists. Several generations back, there were simply too many male offspring for each to inherit land, titles or even money. The then-current Lord Thorne declared that even if there were no tangible assets available, Thorne children would be allowed to keep the family name. Alas, for Derron, his forebears all were third or fourth sons of thrid or fourth sons. Three generations ago, House Thorne was lost, possibly to another house marrying a lone female daughter, or in some form of disaster, natural or man-made. It is a mystery best left to those who study heraldry as far as Derron is concerned.

The men of his line generally made their way in the world as soldiers, as most men from the North learn to fight at a young age. Occasionally one would learn some other skill. Derron's father apprenticed him as a very young boy to the smith of Clearwater, back under the previous Lord Draupaud. He earned his artisan papers only a few years before the War of the Usurper. When the war erupted, House Draupaud supported the King. Worse than being on the losing side was the loss of any legitimate inheritors to the title of Lord Draupaud. The new king, Robert Baratheon, and his man in the North, Eddard Stark, appointed a new Lord Steffan Draupaud. The remaining soldiers and servants, who included Derron, were allowed their choice of staying and serving, or leaving and trying to find a new position. Derron was one of the few to stay in Clearwater. Quite a few of the locals think him a traitor, while many of the new Draupauds do not trust him completely, though he does get along realtively well with Ser Tomas Prinksett.

He is trained as soldier as well as a smith. And he is the de facto steward at this time. He keeps waiting for Lord Draupaud to name a new steward, but it has been over a year already. He prefers to be at his forge, or in his rooms above the forge.

Derron is just over thirty years of age, with dark hair and a craggy face. He is portrayed by British actor Nick Brimble.


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