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Ser Tomas Prinksett

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Captain of the Guard

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Ser Tomas is a grizzled, older man, who comes from Barrowtown. Lord Dustin suggested him for the position when Lord Steffan was granted the lands. Some have unkindly said that Lord Dustin did this to escape from having to enjoy the blunt criticisms and gloomy complaints of the aging knight. In actual fact, those who work with him most closely seem able to tolerate this - perhaps because he is an excellent trainer of men, although almost as grudging in his praise as his Lord.

He is no longer the doughty fighter that he was in the War of the Usurper, but his experience and his knowledge make him an exceptionally useful man to have around.

Ser Tomas is an average Man-at-arms / Noble / Knight [Soldier, Warrior, Knight, and Noble Paths] with the Northern Background.

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