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Godwyn whistled up his hounds as he walked back towards the kitchen. "What good dogs," he told them, going down on one knee and ruffling their fur. "What very good dogs, indeed." He roughhoused with the pups for a few minutes, before standing again and saying, "Come on, everyone," to the hounds and Volf.

Once inside he told Volf, "Grab some food for you and the dogs. Bring it along with you, I'm getting tired." He yawned, and waited for Volf to fill his arms with meat and bread, then once more headed outside and towards the main keep.

When they headed up the stairs towards Godwyn's room the hounds raced ahead, clearly knowing where they were going. They were at the door before he was, laying and sitting patiently in the hallway. He opened the door and let them run in. "You can sleep on the floor," he told Volf as they entered the room. "There's plenty of blankets."

When Godwyn enters, he finds Kenrith is still awake. His brother sat next to the window with his back to the stone wall with the sword he wore from Riverrun upon his lap, so that the moonlight shines along its blade. It looks as though he is just finished making sure his blade is properly cared for, a lengthy process when one has only one arm to do it with.

He finishes running the oiled cloth over the last bit of blade, then slides it home into its scabbard.

"Ah... Godwyn. I had feared you wouldn't have a chance to sleep tonight. Who is that with you?" he asked as he returned it to the collection of armor he had brought with him from Riverrun.

"This is Volf," Godwyn answered. "Ser Corryn's man, the one we told you about. He's officially still a prisoner, but I'm answering for him, and he's going to behave himself. Volf, this is my brother, Ser Kenrith."

The introductions done, Godwyn told his brother, "I have things to tell you. Volf, this is going to be lord-talk, you go settle down on the far end of the room and try to get some sleep. Take a blanket off the bed, and once you lay down the dogs will lay down with you. That'll keep you nice and warm."

Volf nodded, looking a little doubtful, but prepared to follow instructions. It was, after all, a better option than the dank and dark dungeon.

In a few minutes, he seemed to be asleep and Godwyn and Kenrith could speak more freely.

"I'm not so sure you should be telling me about what you've learned with Evan and his men... though I'm glad to see the River Wolf's squire was who he claimed to be. That was the explanation for the blade I most feared. If there is some great suprise, and I do not act shocked... it may count against me," Kenrith said with a shrug.

Godwyn looked at him with a confused expression. "Anders said the same thing," he said. "That I shouldn't tell you anything. But I thought it was because he suspected you of ordering the killing."

"I doubt he cares whether I did it or not... more likely, he fears I'll go down for it, and may take others with me. Guilt and truth aren't at issue... but shame is."

"If I am accused...," Kenrith said before yawning, " especially if Herys makes the accusation... remain stoic and silent until after I have had a chance to respond. Under such circumstances, I mean to provoke him, and I must do so with care.

"If he does attack... I can take care of myself. You will need to see to those who can't..." he said before yawning once more, this time without covering it with his hand, "Syndra, Rhys... anyone who might get in the way."

"Rage lends a man strength... and blinds. I believe I've learned a truth... Herys is no monster, no Bolton... he is just a beast." Kenrith said as he tossed back the covers and climbed into bed.

"All right," Godwyn replied, beginning to disrobe. "I can keep my temper if I know beforehand it might be tested." He thought for a moment, then said seriously.

"I just have one question before we go to bed, Kenrith, and I want you to think about it before you answer. It's very important."

He looked at his brother, and leaning forward he asked quietly, "Do you still steal the covers during the night?"

Kenrith was tired enough that it took him a moment to understand the jest for what it was. After snorting, he said "Only half as well, only half as well..." and chuckled softly as he rolled over to go to sleep on his right side.

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