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Witness to the Lords

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Godwyn headed for the stables, followed closely by Volf. He did not even slow as he grabbed servants along the way to give orders that Rhys and Tamlyn were to come to the great hall immediately, and that Oland was to be sent to Syndra's room to act as her guard. He picked out four guards along the way who were clearly loitering and watching everything rather than carrying out duties, and told them to mount up and follow him.

Then they was on the road, thundering towards the Goose and Gander.

And nearly running down a slight figure, wearily trudging in the same direction - one of Evan's sellswords. Garyn.

Godwyn pulled up. "You," he said, looking down at the young man. "Where are you going?" He shook his head. "Never mind," he said. He gestured back over his shoulder. "Get back there," he said. "You'll be called on as a witness."

Garyn's jaw dropped foolishly open.

"Me?" he said. "Why?"

Godwyn blinked at the question. "Ummm..." he said. In truth, he didn't know if the boy would be called on or not, but he wanted all the sellswords together. "It's going to be a trial," he said. "They'll want to call on everyone." He gestured back towards Holdfast once more. "Tell the guards you were told to take a place in the Great Hall for the trial."

Garyn heaved a deep sigh, but turned, and began to trudge back to Holdfast. Quite a walk, for they were nearly in the small town and, within a couple of minutes, Godwyn and his men were dismounting outside the Goose and Gander.

Lilly was in the taproom of the inn; when Godwyn entered she looked up with a swift smile that held more than a hint of invitation.

Godwyn grinned at her, but only asked, "Is Mistress Odette about? We're going to need her at the castle." He glanced around to see who was in the inn this early in the morning.

Lilly's smile faded.

"She's alseep," she said, almost pettishly. "It was a late night - after you had been here with Ser Anders, half the town wanted to sit and discuss it all. Good for trade, Mistress Odette said. Good for trade, but bad for our backs and feet, say I. Do you want me to awaken her?"

"I'm afraid so, my dear," Godwyn said. "We'll want her to testify. She may be the one who can prove Volf didn't have anything to do with the killing. Tell her Ser Corryn is up at the castle, that might help keep her from getting angry at being awakened."

"Ser Corryn?" Lilly brightened. "She'll come then."

And she hurried away.

At this hour there were only the usual old codgers, warming themselves by the fire and they sipped mugs of spiced ale.

Godwyn nodded to them.

Within a very few minurtes Odette came down the stairs. The fact that Lilly came with her, endeavouring to finish lancing her mantel spoke of her haste.

"Good morrow, Master Godwyn!" she greeted him. "WIll you have a nice spiced ale to keep out the cold on the journey back? Lilly, you should have offered, girl."

Godwyn smiled and nodded. "We'll have that, with thanks," he said, indicating his men as well as himself. "By the time we're finished your cart could be harnessed and ready to go, yes? We want to be back at Holdfast as quick as may be." He looked around the taproom, then back at her. "I'm guessing the other sellswords, the ones we didn't arrest, have fled, yes?"

Odette pursed her lips. "I set Arney to keep an eye on them," she said. "But you know how mazed he is. They tricked him and slipped away sometime before dawn. I should have set old Bart onto it. But we needed all hands last night ...

"They proper befuddled Arney though. He would have it that one of the Children of the Forest came and fetched them away."

Godwyn snorted. "We ought to have him come and testify to that," he said with a laugh. "It would be amusing just to see Anders' reaction. Right, then, we'll have that drink, and if you can get yourself ready as quick as may be I'd be grateful. No one will be happy with me if they have to hold the trial 'cause I'm too slow getting back."

"I'll be done by the time you've supped your pint," promised Odette, and she was true to her word, for not only was she dressed in her best, but the wagon was ready too, with Arney grinning at the reins.

Godwyn and his men mounted up, and headed back towards Holdfast. Godwyn kept an eye out, just in case, but truly didn't expect any trouble.

Garyn had reached the courtyard and was queueing for admittance with a load of Holdfast folk who had come to see Justice done. And were looking forward to it.)

"Come on, lad," Godwyn called as he rode past. "What are you waiting out here for?" He and the wagon rode through the crowd and into the courtyard, Garyn scampering to keep up. Everyone dismounted, and Godwyn helped Mistress Odette out of the cart. He turned to one of the guards and told him, "Help Arney get the horses and the wagon to the stable. And see to it that the Bolton men don't bother him, all right? They seem the sort who'd like to torment a harmless fool. He can tell you all about how he saw the Others wandering about the Goose and Gander." Godwyn snorted a laugh and turned back to Odetter. He took her arm in his and said with a smile, "If I may be your escort, Mistress?" and led her, Volf, and Garyn into the Great Hall.

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