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Winterfell is the name given to the ancient castle where the Starks live; it is built over hot springs, and the water is channeled through the walls to keep Winterfell warm. It is also surrounded by a moat. As such a large castle, it also has several abandoned towers and sections, where few are known to go. The castle has deep catacombs where the bodies of Starks are interred, with statues to mark the crypts of the former lords of Winterfell and the old Kings of the North, an iron longsword over each of their biers. With the coming of Lady Catelyn, a small sept has been built, though Winterfell's soul is shown by the virgin Godswood of over three square acres, with an ancient Weirwood tree marking its center. The name Winterfell also refers to the town that surrounds the castle, with log and undressed stone houses radiating from a market square. Only about one in five houses are occupied in summer, but in winter farmers come from the surrounding countryside and the town fills up. The Smoking Log is the local alehouse.


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