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Wealth and Money

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Coinage is a luxury, employed primarily by the merchant and noble classes. Many smallfolk simply engage in barter. This is slowly changing, especially in major urban centres like King’s Landing, Oldtown, or White Harbour where coppers and silvers are used daily.

The system of coinage used in the Seven Kingdoms is established by the king’s master of coin, with official weights and compositions decreed for each coin. Bandits and crooked merchants sometimes attempt to shave the coins thin, so they may craft new coins from the edges of old ones.

Keen-eyed merchants are old hands at spotting these clipped coins, and will charge higher rates to accept such dubious looking currency. There are also some items of such low value that they can be purchased with no more than a clipped copper.

The exchange rate given in Table 11-4: Currency Exchange represents a general standard rather than a fixed rate of transfer. The value of any given coin is based on the relative availability of the metals, the offi cial minted size of the coin, and the perceived value of the metal. For example, if a new, abundant vein of gold was to be discovered and gold became more common, the value of the dragon would decrease significantly in relation to other coins.

Coppers and silver stags are the standard coinage used by most of the Seven Kingdoms. For the nobility, however, gold dragons flow more freely. A knight captured in war may fetch a ransom of a few hundred gold dragons; purses of as much as 40,000 gold dragons can be awarded in tournaments.

Currency Exchange: COPPER
CurrencyExchange Rate
Penny2 Halfpennies
Half Groat2 Pennies
Groat4 Pennies
Star8 Pennies
Currency Exchange: SILVER
CurrencyExchange Rate
Stag7 Stars (or 56 Pennies)
Moon7 Stags (or 392 Pennies)
Currency Exchange: GOLD
CurrencyExchange Rate
Dragon210 Stags (or 30 Moons, or 11,760 Pennies)

COIN LEGEND Copper penny — cp
Silver stag — ss
Copper groat — cg*\\ Silver moon — sm*
Copper star — cs*\\ Gold dragon — gd
* Not as commonly used as cp, ss, or gd.

Trade Goods Costs
Aurochs, 113 ss
Bread, large loaf1 cp
Chicken, 14 cp
Cinnamon or cloves, 1 lb.2 ss
Cow, 19 ss
Dog (untrained pup), 13 ss
Dog (trained adult), 111 ss
Eggs, 1 dozen1 cp
Flour, 10 lbs.1 cp
Ginger or pepper, 1 lb.4 ss
Goat, 11 ss
Linen, 1 lb. (sq. yard)1 ss
Ox, 113 ss
Pig, 12 ss
Saffron, 1 lb.10 ss
Salt, 1 lb.3 ss
Sheep, 148 cp
Silk, 1 lb. (2 sq. yards)20 ss
Tea leaves, 1 lb.4 cp
Wheat, 50 lbs.1 cp
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