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(Split from Attack at the Camp)

"Grahem!" Niko shouted, seeing the dour man even more grim than normal. "What is going on with the perimeter?"

"Eh? I dunno," the man responded. "The man Ser Tomas put up to be sergeant o' th' watch was one of the first to take an arrow. So there's a more than a bit o' grumbling." He shrugged. "What else can you expect?"

"Get the watches in order. Anyone give you any trouble, tell them I put you in charge. If any have a problem with that, then see the Steward. But get the perimeter secured."

The man just nodded profusely, glad to have someone giving orders.

"Tyek and Eron. Have you seen them?"

"Over that way last time I seen 'em."

Niko found them soon enough. "Tyek! How goes it!" Niko greeted him coming towards where the two crouched.

"It's been better," the big man rumbled, looking up. "The camp's in disarray, and I'm just concerned that they'll be back."

"What is that?" Niko said, noticing that Eron was bandaging him up.

"Oh, this? Nothing. I zigged when I should have zagged. But it went clean through the meat. Eron's already burned it closed."

"Will you two be up for a bit of scouting? I put Grahem on that perimeter, though I am not sure if that was the right choice. We will probably also need a fourth."

"Donald's son. He's fresh in, but a tracker. That's who I'd suggest. And Grahem is a good choice. He's not much for leading, but he's been here longer than most. He'll do good."

Niko nodded, thankful for the confirmation. "Where is this Donaldson?"

"No, no. Donald's son. Donald was the old tracker, brought us cured meat for a long while. His son decided he didn't want the life of a tracker- Old Donald wasn't too happy about that."

"Oh... I see," Niko said slowly, even though he didn't. "So what is his name?"

Tyek shrugged, standing. "I can't say that I know. But he's over there." He said pointing. "Donald's son! Get over here, boy!"

And indeed, he wasn't much more than a boy, of an age with Niko. "We're going out," Tyek continued when the boy had arrived. "You track for us? Goin' to try to get those bastards that shot the Septa. Or at least make sure there's not more of them. What say?"

The boy nodded vigorously, his adam's apple bobbing up and down in his spare neck. "Which," he stopped, clearing his throat. "Which group do you want to follow," he said, affecting a lower voice.

"Which group?" Niko said, puzzled.

"Well, it's through the camp now, how the minstrel helped them and ran off leaving the wounded behind. And there's the fact that everyone only saw the one the 'cat killed and the one Steward Derron brought back. That leaves at least two from the tracks." His face squinted in thought. "Nah. Three."

"I told you," Tyek said, echoed by Eron. "He's good."

"Let's follow the three then."

"No problem," the boy said. "We need to go back to the battle site... I need to pick them up from there. Since Shade came back with the rest of you, we'll need to be on the lookout. There's other things about- might be after the 'cat leavings."

So taking point, Donald's son took off, Tyek and Eron close by with Niko forming the rear of the diamond.

There was a definite trail - the escaping brigands seemed to be riding hard towards southern end of the Long Lake, where Marshend was the nearest village.

"There's something odd here," Donald's son said suddenly.

As they pulled up their horses, Niko rode between Tyek and Eron to get closer to the boy. "What is it?"

The boy pointed. "Look - two have ridden off separately from the rest. They're heading in the same direction - almost. But ahead of the others - that's why we diodn't see them until they took a slightly different path. I'd say they were riding hard too - but no more than a quarter of a hour ahead of the others." He frowned. "Almost as though they were running away."

Niko frowned. "That's strange, I would not have said there were that many left, unless there were more that we did not know about..."

He looked at Donald's son. "Where are the pair headed, do you think? What is in that direction?"

"Marshend is the closest village, Sir," said the boy. "Although even riding hard, they'd be lucky to be there by nightfall. There are a few cottages and farms between here and there, but not many."

"What about the others? If Marshend is the closest village, would there be anything of note in the direction in which they are travelling?"

The boy shook his head. "They might have a camp out here," he said doubtfully. "But the land is flat and level - sheeps grazing. In some parts you can see for miles ... it would nit be a good placed to hide, Sir."

And indeed, Niko could see the truth of this for himself. The riders might be out of sight, but there were few places where they could have made a camp.

"Two groups. One heading towards nothing, the other towards Marshend," Niko said. "Follow one- the other- or go back."

Silent for a long moment, he mulled over the decision. "Come," he said at last, wheeling his horse. "We will need to move the camp, in any case. And if they are moving at this speed, we might not catch them ourselves before nightfall." He didn't sound happy with the decision. But it was obviously the more cautious one- the one that made the most sense. "In the morning, we will head back to Marshend- to find out what we can, and get help for the Septa."

Donald's son nodded. "As you wish, Sir."

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