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Kenrith's proposed things-to-do for the remainder of Day 4:

  • Talk to Godfrey, reaffirm that Kenrith is in charge for the moment, has reported to Stark all that has happened, listen to his advice, don't press him too far if Rhys feels it is too much for him.

Godfrey's sleeping. He'll enjoy a healing sleep for the rest of the day. He'll listen to Kenrith tomorrow morning and nod his agreement.

  • Try to talk to Sewell, and find he is sleeping and still weak

And feverish. He's not in a good way.

  • Talk to the Bolton 'coward,' and learn that the soldiers downstairs are... not Herys' troops, that he knows nothing of a pending assault on Holdfast, that the Bolton troops are no worse than soldiers generally are and there are no more Bolton Scions in the mix as bastard srgts.


  • Visit with family members generally, including his half-sister, Anders, and "That woman".

Anders is sleeping (he was up all night) with orders that he's not to be disturbed. This is probably sensible, as he and Kenrith are the only two people with any authority currently at Holdfast. Kenrith will probably catch him at breakfast (Anders will spend the night on duty again).

  • Hold court. Kenrith will mention the damage to the grove, and indicate he is

investigating and that the tree should be fine.

  • Speak with the Bolton prisoners, telling them the events which took place at the Bloody Tourney, and the justification for Herys' execution (he was executed for striking lady Celia and interfering with a trial. Other conduct may have also breached guestright, and if it is true that Evan Tamm was his son then ordering his death is an attempt at kinslaying, and therefore also punishable by death).

The Boltons agree. But then, they'd probably agree to anything to save their lives - they're terrified. They came for a wedding - not a massacre.

They'll be told that if Holdfast hasn't seen Bolton banners on the march in three days time, they'll be released. They'll be allowed excersize one or two at a time and treated better, guarded for their own safety as well as to prevent a premature escape.

They are pathetically grateful - and still clearly terrified. They see themselves as hostages in the grasp of a dangerous enemy.

  • In the morning, the goatherd returns a nobleman's cloak that he found neatly folded and laid by the castle wall, nearest the family's quarters.

Any note or the like on the inside?

A sprig of a sweet-smelling herb. Rhys can tell you it is often used to signify remembrance.

Kenrith checks the base of the pillar that the old wilding lady mentioned.

The sign is there.

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