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Kenrith left, and Rhys found himself, for the moment, alone.

And still the servant hadn't shown up with his supper. Rhys sighed, stood, and decided to go look for it before returning to the tower.

But before he could head for the castle kitchens, he realised that he was still carrying the bloody shirt and the knife, which really should be put somewhere safely.

As he hesitated, he saw the servant heading toiwards him, carrying a tray carefully - Rhys's supper.

Rhys carefully slid the knife into his robe and draped the shirt over his arm as the servant caught up with him.

"Here's your supper, Maester, and you don't even have to sing for it!" the young boy grinned.

"Thank you, Brynn," Rhys replied as he accepted the tray. He took a tart from his supper and handed it back to the boy. "For your troubles."

Brynn grinned as he accepted the pastry and without further ado it went straight into his mouth. He nodded and said something unintelligible, his mouth full of apple tart.

Rhys laughed and it felt good. Too many evil things had happened that day and night. "Tell your Mum that we have more Bishop's Weed salve if her rash is still bothering her."

The boy nodded again, this time more vigorously, then turned and scooted back down the hall toward the kitchens.

Rhys, tray in hand, watched him disappear around the corner and then set himself to the problem of where to eat. He considered the solar, but really wanted to ensconce the shirt and knife safely in the Tower, so he turned and headed out into the night again.

He crossed the courtyard on the way to his uncle's Tower, passing under a certain window no doubt...

As he started across the courtyard, he saw Tamlin vaulting over the wall of the kennels, presumably to make sure that the castle hounds were no worse for their experiences.

(After speaking with Syndra in the courtyard)

That elicited a smile from him. "My pleasure. G'night." Rhys turned away and headed for the tower.

He went directly there barring further interruptions, wolfed down his now cold supper, and carefully stowed the shirt and knife in the Tower. (If the guard is still there, he gleefully informed him that his services were no longer required.)

Finding neither Sewell nor Merivel in the Tower, he surmised that one or both were likely with Lord Hardy. Rhys grabbed a packet of lemon balm for Syndra's tea before leaving again.

He stopped in the kitchens first to brew Syndra's tea before heading off to Lord Hardy's chambers.

One of the undercooks was happy to help him make the tea - and even volunteered to carry it to Syndra's rooms.

He smiled a thanks and let her, then continued on the Lord Hardy's rooms.

Soon he found himself at the door of Lord Hardy's room. Kenrith and Sewell were close by the bed, while Merivel was mixing some sort of preparation on the table to one side.

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