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(Continued from Wolves and Cats and Hunters, Oh My! Catriona, Hex, and Aerin)

And soon [Hex] saw Niko standing guard at the edge of the cottage lands.

Once Hex was within speaking distance of Niko he said. "Catriona spotted a wilding, and says more are likely approaching. She stayed to cover my approach, but I'm loath to leave her out there alone."

"Was that ... flashing ... you then? Or her?" Niko asked, concerned. "This one was not sure, and sent a patrol out to circle the source and check."

"Aye, it was the lady hunter signalling to tell me she was in place and then that she had seen the Wilding." Hex replied. "As far as I know neither of us saw the patrol. I'd suggest you advise the Steward, and I'll return to Cariona. She says the wilding bows will greatly outrange our own, and without some cover I fear she'll be trapped out there."

Niko nodded, and after waiting for Hex to leave (and looking out for any sign of his patrol), he jogged over to where Derron was to report.

(Threads continued in Left at the Cottage: Niko Returns and Hex Seeks Catriona)

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