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All of them were tired as they once again took to the road. The tension of the day had weighed on them all. Whether it was arrows fired from the trees, or companions found brutally murdered, there had been no resolution to the tension they had encountered on the journey. Instead, the fear and anger had wore away at them. As the shadows grew longer, it became easy to see wildings, and worse, hiding behind every tree.

Still, they were disciplined enough to keep their eyes open for trouble along the road. That they didn't find any might be a testament to their numbers... or to the lack of any to find.

"Riders approaching the gate!"

Godwyn shouted out orders to the gate guards, telling them to make certain who it was before the opened the gates. He glanced around quickly, checking to make certain the Boltons weren't moving into position to attack in concert with the coming of the riders. Once he was certain that wasn't the case he relaxed a little bit, and headed towards the gate.

As they approached the gate, caked in the dust of the road with one fewer men sitting in their saddles than when they had left, it took the Hardy guards a few extra moments to recognize the band and open the gate. They were certainly not charging forwards, as horses and riders both were tired from the day's ride. Still, between Tam's hounds, Ser Ander's familiar face, and Kenrith's unmistakable profile, the gates were opened as the final rays of sunlight disappeared from between the final gap between the trees and night fell.

Kenrith rode closer to Mal as he passed through the gate and said "I will see to your payment for today when you are ready to leave."

Mal gave a curt nod, but said, "Happen we'll be here a while - till Jayne's leg heals. And he'll want another go at them now. It's personal, now."

To Felix, he said "I must speak with my uncle, but I will see your Lord later this evening if he has no objection," with the unspoken understanding that he needed to apologize to Ser Corryn for getting Indigo killed.

Kenrith asked, "Where might I find Ser Godfrey?" as he passed through the gate. As Rhyk answered, Kenrith gave another of his brief nods.

"He's with the armourer, Ser," the answer came.

Stable hands were already on their way out to help with the horses, and Kenrith passed the reins of his horse to them with a nod.

Sparing only a moment to kick the dirt from his boots and beat some of the dust from his tabard, he walked in search of Ser Godfrey still wearing armor and with a sword still at his belt.

Rhys returns to the Tower to look for his uncle.

He frowned as he stared up at the Tower, wondering where Sewell was, then decided to look for him later. In the meantime, he confirmed Jayne was taken care of and settled, then made his way up the stairs to check on Edlyn.

Godwyn was heading towards the gate. He met his brother's eyes with a nod, then glanced back at the riders, noting that not everyone had returned, and the missing maester was not with them.

Kenrith closed, and firmly patted his brother on the shoulder once before returning the nod. "We'll talk later, but first I need to report what I've found to Ser Godfrey," he explained.

"Aye," Godwyn answered him

"Godwyn!" It was Ser Anders, his face grim, who had dismoubted in Kenrith's wake. "Report."

Godwyn grabbed one of Corryn's men and told him, "Take Lady Limosa back to her father's camp. Be sure she's protected, Herrys Bolton has been bothering her again."

"Yes, Sir!" agreed the man with alacrity.

He turned to Limosa, "It's best you go now, I'll see you at dinner."

Limosa regarded him with a fulminating stare, and then turned to make her way back the the camp.

It was, perhaps, fortunate that Godwyn had not heard of her exploits the last time he sent her back there.

He walked over to Anders.

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