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Prayer in the Grove

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Kenrith paused in his room for a short time to collect his thoughts. He made further ritual ablutions in his basin, then walked through the courtyard on his way to the grove so that he'd be able to see if anything else was amiss.

Kenrith approached the grove, and as he did so, sought to clear his mind of the details and pains of the day. He found his customary seat, facing the face of the heart tree, and waited until he was no longer restless... then he considered the situation with Sewell carefully in his mind, and prayed the Gods would offer him wisdom on this situation. Had they directed Ed, were darker forces at work, or was it simply human rage and his own imagination.

He looked at the face ...

and the tree was weeping - not from the slash, but from the eyes, as though the tree was shedding tears ... shedding sap, by its own volition, without anyone tapping its source.

Kenrith gave thanks for his answer, then considered what to do with what he'd learned. After a few moments, he gathered up some freshly-fallen leaves and daubed the tears from the faces' cheeks with loving care, then folded the points of the leaves on themselves. He was unsure if he'd have to bring Sewell to the grove, or simply the tears to Sewell, but he would bring this to him and speak again with Rhys... Sewell might not have that much time.

As he made his way back to the castle, he saw Anders, who nodded an acknowledgement.

"Rhys?" he asked as he indicated the maester's tower with his thumb.

"He headed out for the woods, I think," said Anders. "How's jhis uncle doing? He looked bad to me when I went up tp see Ser Godfrey this morning."

"Last I'd heard, he looked bad. Injury is hard to take when coupled with age, or so Rhys says," Kenrith said.

"We must be glad then that your uncle is still a man of good years," said Anders grimly. "Although I doubt he'll ride at Lord Stark's side again."

Kenrith frowned with concern and nodded, then crossed a bit closer to him.

"Your niece tried to take her siblings to the Vale today. She is near to madness with panic... I don't think she'll try it again, but best to watch for bedsheets hanging out of windows. We may have to find the strength to send her with escort after Syndra to Winterfell," he said, mindful of how sound sometimes carried in the courtyard.

Ser Anders frowned. "She has proved a biddable wench in the past. I'm surprised she has undertaken such actions. As for finding further strength for such as expedition ... with our numbers depleted and no coin in our cofferes ... I'd call it next to impossible."

Kenrith nodded, and thought but did not say ~She thinks I'm mad.~

"I'm off to find Rhys, but I'll see you at dinner," Kenrith said with a nod as he turned and headed back into the woods along another path.

He moved quietly ... but he was not yet so used to the woods that he could slip through them silently ...

(Continued in A Prayer And A Meeting

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