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Outside the Septa's: Derron and Merivel


(Continued from Outside the Septa's: Derron and Davin and Marshend - After the Struggle: Merivel and Ranulf)

Ranulf nodded gravely, and then looked up, giving a little start.

"Look! There's the Septa and Master Merivel! Do you think my Septa is all right?"

Derron glanced over at the pair coming from the house. 'You can go ask them if you like," he told the boy. "I'll tend the fire."

Merivel had a slightly rueful look on his face as he made his way out of the house, but upon seeing Derron, Aerin and Davin, he moderated his expression and smiled. He made to follow the Septa in the general direction of the fire, closing the distance between the house and the campsite.

In fact, Ranulf headed for the Septa rather than Merivel, seeking her reassurances - and leaving Merivvel and Derron able to speak with one another.

Derron grinned and said, "By all accounts I feared you were at death's door, but you look well enough. We should have some fresh meat cooked soon enough, if you're hungry."

"Just a flare up." Merivel said, relief evident in his voice. "But let's eat."

(Events later that night are continued in Nightfall at the Septa's House)

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