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(Continued from Morning Inside Marshend: Gabriel and Morning Outside Marshend: Hex and Gwendla)

Keary approached the wagon warily, but visibly relaxed when he saw who was driving it. He even chanced a smile. "It seems fortune passes everywhere," he said.

"Where are my manners?" Hex said. "Anniketta of the Giants of Pentos, let me introduce Gwendla of the Crannog and vice versa. Davin had just suggested we move inside for a light libation and further discussion. I don't suppose you have heard tell of an errant wagon load of spirits?"

Before the young woman had a chance to respond, Hex turned to greet the approaching Keary.

Hearing this, Keary's face fell slightly. ~I wonder where the men got...~ he thought, then smiled again. "Been a long time. Mist. Mist! Sit!"

Anniketta's face lit up at the sight of Keary. Davin, who had remained seated, now scrambled to his feet, looking at him questioningly. The crannog woman, Gwendla, remained wary and tense in this strange new situation.

"Good to see you well, Keary." Hex said. "How do things fare at the cottage? Sorry we didn't have the opportunity to catch up, things must have been lively what with Giants and Knives come to town."

"When last I saw, everything was fine," Keary said. "It's been a very busy day all around, from what I've heard. Are you well?"

"None the worst for the journey," Hex replied. "Though the hedge knight and squire turned back before we'd made half the trip."

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