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The early light slanted into the tower room where - for many years - Godwyn's only companions in the great bed had been his hounds. Now there was a human body beside him - his brother.

As the light fell across his face, Kenrith sat bolt upright. "I'm late!," he exclamed as he looked out the window. He still smelled faintly of tobacco, and strongly of sweat, as he carefully climbed from bed without stepping on Godwyn's alarmed hounds.

Godwyn yawned and rolled over as Kenrith left the bed. He rubbed his eyes and watched his brother with a somewhat unfocused gaze.

As his pounding head started to clear as he made his hasty ablutions in the wash basin, he remembered that dawn was much earlier in the North, and that he was not as late as he feared.

"Late for what?" Godwyn asked, not yet making any move to leave the bed.

"I'm supposed to let the Maesters poke at my arm," Kenrith said as he cleaned it with a cloth, "and then I need to join the search party for the Wildings," Kenrith said with a sigh.

Godwyn's gaze went to Kenrith's arm, then immediately away again.

"Though, I'm probably not late yet... dawn comes earlier in summer this far north," Kenrith added.

"Dawn comes at a different time in the South?" Godwyn asked. He sounded glad for the change in subject.

"Or so it seemed on my journey north, and so the traders at Riverrun remark when they speak of heading North," Kenrith said as he pulled a shirt over his head.

Godwyn shook his head, bemused at the strange ways of the world.

"Be careful today... the Boltons may have compromised some of the Holdfast guards, and if Evan should win by some ill stroke of fate... I should think they would cease the moment to see things go their way," Kenrith remarked almost casually as he pulled up his pants and belted on his sword.

"Aye," Godwyn answered. He rose from bed, stretching as the hounds also rose and began nosing around the door, eager for their morning run.

"Oh," he added. "I didn't get a chance to tell you last night. I went into the village to see about Tovis. It was his cart that you found out on the road. Seems like someone cut his throat and took it early yesterday. And whoever it was, they came back last night after I'd found the body. So it could well be someone from the village, or even one of our guards, just as you say."

"Cleeve was the gambling sort... and I'm told that debt is what drove the last lord of Leaning Stone into Bolton arms. Given his 'wandering off' during the Maester incident... I'm interested to know how many of our men have fallen into debt with Boltons in dicing and cards."

"Also, you should know... Corryn means to slay Herys in a joust to free Limosa from any risk of marriage to the Boar. Gods be with him... A busy day... and... Gods be with you, as well, brother," Kenrith said as he finished tugging his shirt over his head and clasped his brother's shoulder. Emotion had just started to tinge Kenrith's voice, but his brother could see the lines of concern etched into the premature lines of his lordface.

Godwyn chuckled. "They will be," he said ruefully, "But Their ways are strange, and Their will is not always to the liking of mortal men."

He turned to begin dressing. "At least something will be happening today," he said. "I'm tired of all this trying to figure things out. I want to be doing, not thinking."

"We'll Hold Fast, and leave the rest to Them, then," Kenrith said in agreement as he motioned towards the Godswood.

He plopped down onto the bed to pull on his boots.

"Herys might be goaded... if Corryn keeps a clear head, Herys' temper may be the death of him should the crowd 'boo' him as a brute and a wifebeater. Also... we haven't accounted for all of Evan's band. I'm sure there will be hot work for all of us, this day," Kenrith said with a sigh as he stood and stomped into his boots.

"Syndra and Edlyn, and Rhys too, should be able to untwist any riddles you can't handle with one of these," Kenrith said with a smile as he patted his own sword.

"I talk too much... anyway, we'll have more time once this has passed," Kenrith said with a smile as he paused to really look at how much his brother had grown since he had been gone.

Godwyn smiled back, a little shyly. "I look forward to that, brother," he said.

He finished dressing, then said briskly, "Enough wondering about what the day will bring. Let's be out and about, and find out for ourselves."

Kenrith finished scooping up the lighter set of armor he had worn into the forest on the day previous and the sling which would ordinarily restrain his left arm, then nodded to his brother. As his hands were full, he allowed Godwyn to precede him.

Once they have left their room Godwyn bids his brother a farewell, and runs down the main stairs with his hounds at his heels.

Unless stopped by someone with a desire to talk while he is still in the castle, he plans on taking the dogs on a quick run around the main keep, and then he will head into the Godswood.

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