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Lady Morna Hardy

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Lady Morna Hardy (on left) is Ser Godfrey Hardy's wife. She was born a Tallhart, a younger sister of Ser Helman and Leobald Tallhart, and raised at Torrhen's Square. She was a gentle and ladylike child who rarely ventured far from her castle home, except for occasional festivals at nearby castles.

At about the age of 15, she was wed to Ser Godfrey Hardy, the third son of House Hardy of Holdfast. Though Godfrey had a small manor house that they shared when he was home, Morna preferred life at Holdfast. The couple, along with their growing family, kept a suite of rooms there and were often in residence, especially during Godfrey's long stretches of knightly service to the Starks at Winterfell.

Lady Morna had a magnificent talent for needlework. Her many lovely embroidered tapestries brought the walls of their quarters to life. She loved to experiment with colors and fabrics from all over the Seven Kingdoms and purchased them whenever she was able, usually from Ser Corryn Manderly, a trader who visited Holdfast on a regular basis.

Godfrey and Morna had three children - Gavrin, Syndra and Trey. However, she died during the birth of her fourth child.


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