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Merivel Belmore

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Merivel, Third son of Lord Belmore.

Merivel Belmore is the third son of Lord Belmore of House Belmore, a bannerhouse of House Arryn. A younger brother to Ser Marwyn, Merivel has always been been more interested in knowledge than martial skills, and so was fostered up to Clearwater on the suggestion of the Starks. There is talk that the near death of his father has something to do with it, although Merivel is mostly close lipped about that save those he gets to know very well.

Interested in his enviroment and nature, even as he audibly complains of the cold, Merivel is a bright and curious young man, and is on the path of becoming a Maester. When not cooped in Clearwater studying, he can be found outside of it, studying things natural. Despite his chosen path, Merivel would be the first to tell anyone that his brothers and father would not allow him to leave the Vale without being able to take care of himself, and he rides the horses on the paths around the northern reaches of the Lake avidly. It is also known that in the course of his education, he has gone down the path of a healer as well as more usual studies. The raven that accompanies Merivel, Corvyna, is, by his account, one of his more successful patients, and hails from the Vale as well.

Merivel is played by Robert Downey Jr., as seen in the movie Restoration (where, by no coincidence, his name comes from)


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