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Looking For Trouble

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Syndra emerged from Corryn's tent, squinting to protect her tender eyes against the midmorning sun. She bid Corryn good luck as he went on his way, then she paused to look around. The camp had not changed. Holdfast had not changed. But still somehow it all looked different. Smaller, less overwhelming. She could even look at the Bolton pennions without flinching. Perhaps she was the one who had changed.

She pondered this as she pondered the comfrey flower she still held in her fingers. With a decisive breath, she threaded the blossom back into her hair as she began to wander, looking for either Volf or Limosa, whoever she came across first.

Volf was sitting by the fire, talking to young Colin - but he rose eagerly when he saw Syndra and came towards her as rapidly as his skirts would permit.

Syndra felt bad for poor Volf and mentally made notes about how best to alter his attire for ease of motion. She nodded at his look of anticipation. "Ser Corryn has agreed for you to be my bodyguard, Volf. Ordered it, in fact. You're on duty immediately. He has also ordered Limosa to stay with us and for you to guard her as well."

Her expression turned a little sheepish. "Um, do you have any idea how to make her obey orders?" It was clear she was asking his advice, not inquiring about his abilities.

Volf shook his head. "And she's not around the camp," he said gloomily. "Something Ser Corryn said to her earlier put her into a rare upset and she ran off towards the godswood."

Syndra winced. "I know what it was, and I don't blame her for running." She waved him toward his tent. "Go put some trousers on and come back right away. I'm not going to risk Limosa's welfare because you can't move properly."

"I can't do that!" gasped Volf. "He'd roast me slow over a cooking fire!"

Then he considered. "But ... if I let you run into danger, it would be worse."

Syndra shook her head. "He won't roast you. I'll vouch for you. Limosa could be in danger, out and about with Boltons on the loose. I know that firsthand. Anything we can do to speed her recovery, he'll approve," Syndra reassured him.

He frowned, considering the options. Then he gave a decisive nod. "Do you have any pins, lady?"

"Not with me," she said, shaking her head and trying to hide her exasperation. She looked him over once more. "Here. We'll do this." With no fanfare whatsoever, she pulled her stiletto out of her sleeve and went to his left side (assuming he's right-handed). She bent down next to him with knife at the ready. "Don't move," she warned.

"What are you going to ... oh!" he said.

Volf's bare legs actually proved rather fine - although having them displayed beneath his skirts rather disconcerted him.

"I ... I'm not wearing ... anything ... " he stammered and then - seeing Syndra's determination, he gave a shrug and desisted.

"Don't worry, Volf. I won't strip you bare," Syndra reassured him as she worked. She sliced the skirt lengthwise from just above the knee to the hem on Volf's left side. She then pulled at the two bottom corners, raising the rest of the skirt to about knee-level. She criss-crossed the two torn corners underneath Volf's scabbard, tucked them under his swordbelt and tied the corners into knots that would be unlikely to slip back through. The effect when she was finished was a sort of wrap-around, knee-length skirt that was unlikely to trip him up. Volf's scabbard hid much of the part that rose the highest. Volf's knees above his boots were the only exposed areas of skin.

"There. I hear men in the Free Cities fight in uniforms like this all the time," she said. "Now let's go. If Limosa gets hurt, Ser Corryn will roast us both!"

Volf let Syndra set the pace - and soon they came to the path that led to the godswood. Ser Corryn's voice could be heard - as could that of Eryk Bolton.

Syndra held up a hand to halt Volf. If Corryn was in the middle of sinister negotiations, she did not want to interrupt. Nor did she want to eavesdrop on her friend. She only eavesdropped on people she did not trust. On the other hand, Wolf had given her orders to keep Limosa with them. If anything happened to the girl that Wolf had come to love so deeply... Syndra didn't even want to think about it.

She leaned back toward Volf, who of course could also hear the voices. "Are you certain she came this way?" Syndra whispered.

Volf nodded. "To the edge of the wood, at least," he whispered back. "I don't know how far she went in."

He was looking concerned.

Syndra sighed heavily and scrunched her nose in a distasteful frown. "Well, we have to find her," she said with resignation. "And I'm not going to climb the wall to go around them. I've had enough sneaking around lately to last me a lifetime. If we interrupt, we interrupt. Let's go," she urged him, leading the way up the path to the godswood.

Volf followed at her heels.

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