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Limosa is a recent addition to Ser Corryn's Laughing Knives. Limosa is actually a cousin of Corryn's by marriage, but he had not met her until his most recent journey to Holdfast. At a stop at the keep of Leaning Stone, he discovered the girl living in squalor with her father, Ser Cerwyn, a drunken and abusive sot. Limosa's mother, Lady Lilith, who was Corryn's stepmother's sister, was near-death after the recent birth of her son, Aeron.

After convincing Cerwyn to abandon his wife and sell the castle to him, Corryn had the man removed from the scene permanently.

With Cerwyn gone, Corryn married Lady Lilith in a questionable ceremony, which brought teenaged Limosa and her newborn brother under his direct care. When it came time for Corryn to continue his journey to Holdfast, he brought Limosa with him.

Limosa has blossomed in the company of the Knives, discovering a passion for horses, dogs and gambling. She is willful, but fragile. A woman, yet a child. And she is most likely to be seen without shoes.

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