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Kenrith in the Godswood


Once in the courtyard, Kenrith approached the man in charge of this watch, under Anders and himself of course.

"Any news?" he asked as he motioned for the man to follow him. Kenrith listened as he pumped water from the well into his bucket.

"What news do you seek, Ser?" asked the officer cautiuously - he was clearly unaware of how much or how little Kenrith knew.

"I know about... or think I know... everything from before your last watch began. No sightings of Boltons over the walls, that sort of thing?"

"No Sir!" said the officer firmly. "We have a good watch out - and nothing has been seen."

He hesitated, however, after he had given the firm reassurance.

"But everyone is still on edge from this morning, and the injuries," Kenrith suggested confidently.

He nodded his agreement. Then he said, a little hesitantly, "It's the townsfolk, Ser. They ... they're agitated, Ser."

Kenrith nodded. "Nothing to be done about it tonight. I'll hold court tomorrow, and answer their concerns as I'm able. There has been some damage to the Godswood, however. Can you send someone for Pollard and his son to help me make what ammends we can?" he said as he lifted his bucket.

"The Godswood!" The officer's face went rigid with shock. "What ... happened, Ser? Was it the Boltons?"

"We shall see... I want to inspect the damage myself. Most likely, it isn't serious, but I'd like Pollard's opinion and... hands. The sacrilige of it is my real concern. If anyone still lives who had a hand in it, the gods will bring them justice... but best to not speak of it until then," Kenrith said gravely.

The guard nodded. "I'll send someone for Pollard straightaway, Ser," he assured him.

[In summary] Kenrith and Pollard did their best to mend the damage to the heart tree.

Pollard thinks they're be a scar in the wood, but the tree was not mortally stricken.

Both men looked for more evidence of who had done this thing (including Sewell's knife).

There is no sign of the knife. They do find a discarded billhook in the undergrowth - the type used for cutting weeds.

Kenrith prayed for guidance as to whether Sewell was responsible for the damage, or whether someone was playing a trick on them

No answer - but Kenrith is left with a vague feeling of unease.

Kenrith wrote out a letter announcing that Syndra was representing her family to relate the events of the past few days to the Starks, and briefly stating what had happened.

Kenrith received Rhys' summary, and included any critical details (Bolton armies on the march, food stores sabotaged) in the letter.

No such details to be added. The food supplies are actually rather good.

Rhys will tell Kenrith about what looks like rope bridges in the trees.

Kenrith will explain that he wants to seem them tomorrow, but that they may have more immediate concerns.

Kenrith ate as he wrote the letter, then left instructions he was to be awoken before dawn, when the kitchen staff got up to start their work.

Then Kenrith gets not-enough-sleep, is awoken, and goes to prep for Syndra's send-off with the largest guard detail he thinks he can spare. (He asks Jayne and Mal if they'd like to start their way south with the band, as it is the safest company they're likely to find. Alternately, Jayne can wait for his leg to recover... but both men may smell a bad situation.)

Jayne and Mal leap at any chance to head south, bad leg or not. That means that Kenrith may, if he chooses, cut Syndra's escort by two. I think a group of five men with her will probably be all Kenrith can afford. And the Laughing Knives all bug ... I mean went off with Corryn.

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