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His armor was not adorned with scrollwork or delicate flame gilded patterns in gold and silver. His house was only indicated by the tabard he wore, as his saddle carried no shield. It was, however, unique. The breastplate bore a diagonal raised area from the left shoulder to the middle of the abdomen near his belly button to acomondate his folded, shrunken left arm. From the left side of the armor, there was no arm at all... indeed, the left pauldron had been sloped to deflect blows, and was not articulated. Below the pauldron, the breast plate was closed entirely. Normally the underside of the arm was one of the weakest parts of armor, but this was not the case for Kenrith's suit. Still, this efficient adaption professed to the world that this was the one armed knight... or as Evan's band liked to call him, Ser Lackshield.

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