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As soon as they were alone, Garryn burst out, "Ser Kenrith - I beg you - if Evann Tamm must fight this challenge, let me be his Squire!"

Kenrith looked suprised for a moment, then his features returned to their lord face.

"First, let me say... I regret speaking to you harshly this last evening. I would like to speak with you again... after this all is concluded, one way or the other, to make sure you have a place to go and a plan to see you there. Do you agree to see me then?"

Garryn hesitated, and then nodded. "Indeed, Ser Kenrith. If you wish to speak to me then."

"I cannot make Evan accept you as his squire, if that is what you mean... but if he desires a squire and you wish to assist him, I see no reason why you cannot. Have you spoken to him about this?"

"I mentioned it," said Garryn. "But ... but I think he feared to bring me into danger too. If he knew ... if he realised ... "

He looked trustingly at Kenrith.

"Perhaps you could speak to him, Ser, and ask him to take me."

"If he knew or realised what, Garryn?" Kenrith asked cautiously.

"That squiring for him would bring me into no danger," Garryn said. "That you would not hold my actiions against me, but would still take me into Holdfast service. That you have given your word."

Kenrith nodded slowly. "I cannot promise you service in Holdfast, as it is not within my authority to place you into such a position. I do promise to do what I can to see you into some place of safety, and will tell him as much. That was what I wished to talk with you about after the trial. I will go to speak with him soon now... but if he does take you on, you might try to convince him to temper his hatred of the Hardies... for if it is Herys Bolton he hates, it is quite mutual. Finding them here when I returned home... is all but the evilest of omens for my family's welfare," Kenrith said before shaking his head.

His lord's mask broke for a second as he realised he had said too much and showed his worry, then he smiled sadly at Garryn.

Garryn was looking a little startled - his jaw at half cock.

"At any rate... you have my permission to wait in the courtyard to see if Evan will have you as his squire, and to sleep above the stables if no other place is offered to you. If you face great difficulty in either respect, ask to speak with Mal, Jayne, or my brother... and try to stay out of trouble, otherwise," Kenrith said before turning on his heel and striding back towards the great hall.

"Yes, Ser," Kenrith heard floating after him, before he was out of range.

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