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In Pursuit of Breakfast

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Rhys woke to warm sunlight on his face. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, blinked blearily, and looked over his shoulder.

His uncle was still asleep. Rhys didn't remember him coming to bed. Rhys didn't remember anything once his head hit the pillow.

He rolled out of bed to avoid waking Sewell, dressed while yawning, threw on his cloak, and walked out of the Tower in pursuit of both breakfast and something hot to drink.

The first person he saw was Ser Anders, walking along the corridor from Lord Hardy's room. He nodded to Rhys.

"Wanting to break your fast? I expect you'll be at this morning's trial, will you not? Or will you be in attendance on Lord Hardy? He passed a peaceful night by the Septa's account."

"That's good news for the Lord," Rhys replied. "I was hoping to attend the trial, if that's not a problem?"

Ser Anders smiled. "I imagine it will be mandatory." Then the smile faded. "I hope you heeded my advice about Mistress Syndra."

"With all propriety," Rhys answered earnestly, thinking of their chaperone last night. Not exactly in the vein Anders intended, but true enough regardless. Even restrictions of the sort imposed by Ser Anders yesterday could be ignored if the situation warranted it, and with a man's life in the balance, in Rhys's estimation the situation last night warranted it.

He wasn't sure Ser Anders would agree with his assessment. Rhys decided to leave the conversation as soon as possible.

"I'm sure you have things to prepare before the trial. I don't wish to keep you. If you'll excuse me, Ser..." Rhys bowed and turned away.

Ser Anders nodded and let him go.

Rhys left Ser Anders with a certain amount of relief. He decided to swing by Lord Hardy's rooms to check on him briefly, then go find breakfast.

The Septa greeted Rhys with something like relief.

"He seems to think Winter is coming," she said. "He talked of snow ... and a killing cold."

Rhys frowned. He thanked the Septa and slipped past her to attend to his Lord. He sat down beside the ill man, taking in the sight of him, and reached out to feel his pulse.

Lord Hardy's vital signs seemed stronger today - but he appeared to be asleep, peacefully asleep.

Rhys withdrew his hand, not wanting to wake the man since his sleep seemed so sweet.

He stood and walked back over to the Septa. "You look tired," he noticed. "Let me grab some bread and something hot to drink and I'll come back and relieve you."

"Bessica will be coming by shortly to take over from me," said the Septa. "She's very good with nursing the ... well. The older people in the infirmary. And there will be a guard at the door to take messages if his Lordship awakes. You go and enjoy your meal, Maester. I reckon it will be a long and hard day ahead for us all."

And an interesting day. Rhys nodded and smiled distractedly at the Septa, his thoughts already with the upcoming trial.

He left her with her Lord and continued on to the dining hall.

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