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Improving Herys' Looks

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He smashed his fist into Herys' face again. "For Syndra," he snarled. And again. "For Limosa." Once more. "For Gavrin." The snarl became a strangely calm smile, and he paused, then drew his dagger and brought it to the ruin of Herys' face.

"And for Kenrith..."

And then the alarm bell began to peel out ...

Godwyn looked up, brought to his senses by the sound of the alarm, and tried to determine what was going on.

Against the sunlight he saw the silhouette of a mounted man, a bloody mace dripping at his side.

Godwyn stood, watching the rider carefully, waiting for any sign of action on his part.

Evan Tamm maneuvered his horse slightly - and Godwyn saw his face clearly as he gazed down at Godwyn and the broken body of Ser Herys at his feet. His expression was enigmatic as, for a long moment, he sat without moving on his horse.

Then, suddenly, he turned and rode swiftly away, breaking into a canter as he rode towards the keep.

Godwyn picked up his sword, sheathed his dagger, grabbed Herys by one boot and dragged him around the stands out to where he could see what was going on.

And he saw the tourney field resembling the carnage of a battlefield.

(Continued in The Trouble with Tollets)

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