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House Draupaud

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House Draupaud
We Stand True

House History
House Draupaud has a long and storied history, steeped in tales of honor at all costs and steadfastness in the face of adversity. They truly hold their motto to be at the core of their house, for at times that is all that they had. Though never a great house, always in service to the King of the North, their lineage is said to extend from the Age of Heroes, when their progenitor bent the knee to the Starks. From then on, House Draupaud served as one of the most vocal supporters of their liege, serving as a shield in many instances of aggression.

However, their unblemished record was in recent years bent almost beyond breaking, as during the taking of King’s Landing by the rightful King Robert Baratheon, Bergen Draupaud refused his Lord Eddard’s call to battle, taking the side of King Aegon due to his son’s presence at court. His son fought at Rhaegar’s side in the battle of the Trident. And he shared the fate of his prince, dying on the bloody shores. Lord Draupaud was broken by the news, and died of a heart attack as he read the dispatch from the raven, leaving no one to carry on his name.

Two weeks after the fighting was over, the few remaining men from House Draupaud were allowed to return, carrying the body of their fallen leader with them for burial. Since Bergen Draupaud's only remaining offspring, his daughter Clare, had been married the year before to Ser Evan Thoms, and had no claims to her ancestral lands, Lord Eddard Stark told them to expect a new man appointed to rule their lands. As the remaining men were not sworn to whomever Robert Baratheon would name, they could choose to leave, but it was up to them. Ser Steffan Dustin, a hero of Robert’s Rebellion, was elevated to nobility, and given the seat of the former Lord Draupaud, taking his name even as he took his demesne.

House Personality
The members of House Draupaud have traditionally been a study in contrasts. They tended to be on the one hand more frivolous than their other Northern counterparts, as they have had less to be concerned with in harvests being in a perfect area for harvesting crops. Their exports made theirs a more wealthy house than is the norm in the area, and the nature of these exports have them dealing a lot more with the southern nations than most other houses that surround them. However, with few allies, and a hard burden to shoulder from Winterfell, the house always shoed its true backbone in times of hardship, as they held close their motto and their honor. With the recent arrival of Lord Steffan, it is to be seen what new personality he would bring to his house, as Barrowton has its own idiosyncrasies. As it stands, Dreadfort is their only staunch ally as Lord Hardy tests his new neighbor.

House Holdings
Clearwater manor is a sprawling affair, newly built, with no resemblance to the traditional castle that was the center of the Draupaud house; the only remnant of those times is the large black tower that is Draupaud’s sigil, in ruins from disuse. Surrounded by lush grounds and the wine fields that supply the majority of the house’s incomes, the grounds create an image of serenity and wealth. Their snow wines are well known all over the seven kingdoms and beyond, as are the the fish of the Long Lake.

House Position
House Draupaud is a very new house, with little in the way of history. The former House Draupaud was distinguished until recent times, and as such Draupaud is under scrutiny. House Draupaud is a banner house to Winterfell and House Stark.

House Traits
Feats: Able Body, Blood of the Andals; Noble Spirit; Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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