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Kenrith left the room as Godwyn started his tale and headed towards Ser Anders' office.

As he went in to the courtyard, he saw an interesting tableau.

Ser Anders was watching as Evan Tamm spoke with a dark haired youth who bore a passing resemblance to him. Ser Herys was watching at a distance - and frowned at the siight of Kenrith. An armed escort of four surrounding Evan Tamm and Eryk Bolton.

Kenrith's jaw hardened marginally as he saw Ser Herys, but he didn't return the frown or hold his gaze in the man's direction as he scanned the interesting assembly of people in front of him. The similarities between Evan and Eryk, however, did catch his attention.

He turned in the direction of Ser Anders, and walked until he was close enough to speak easily.

"Now that Ser Corryn's men are here, Ser Godfrey has asked me to have you select two additional men to insure Maester Merivel's safe return. If nothing else, it will be safer for them both on their way back when they are only a band of two," Kenrith said in a businesslike manner.

Ser Anders said nothing, and his eyes were hard, even as he gave a curt nod in response. He seemed intent on the confrontation between Evan Tamm and Eryk Bolton; perhaps he was expecting Evan Tamm to lash out.

Or perhaps he was angry either at having matters taken out of his hands, or at the notion that the Laughing Knives could be accounted the equivilant of Holdfast men.

Kenrith responded to silence with silence of his own. After a nodding almost-a-bow, he moved a pace or two back and watched Evan and Eryk again for a few moments while he examined the lines around the eyes and the shape of their noses. Certain truths became clearer as he reflected on what little Evan said, or didn't say, about his family... and how he said it.

Ser Anders suddenly gave a nod of acknowledgement - and then beckoned - and Kenrith saw the two Maesters, Rhys and Merivel, emerging from the Maester's Tower.

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