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Godwyn Hardy is the younger full-blood brother of Ser Kenrith Hardy. He is fiercely proud of the heritage of the Hardy family, and a believer in almost any story told about them and the days of their glory. He is not stupid, despite what his stepmother says about him, but he is quick to rush to judgement and he can be very stubborn once he has made up his mind about something.

Lady Emelyn died giving birth to Godwyn, and his father Lord Oswain Hardy has always been cold to him. This has only resulted in an increased desire on the part of Godwyn to win his fatherís love, and to even more resentment against the woman who dared to take his motherís place. Mentioning that Godwyn "killed his mother" is a sure way to earn his lasting enmity.

Godwyn worshipped his older brother when he was a child, always following him around and trying to copy everything his hero did until his brother was sent away to be fostered at Riverrun. The years have done nothing to dampen that worship, and Godwyn looks forward to his brother's return with anticipation.

Godwyn despises his stepmother, Lady Celia, and is icily polite to her. Her children he pretty much ignores most of the time - he isnít cruel to them, but he makes it clear he doesnít consider them "true Hardys." Unless, of course, someone else dares to say anything against them, in which case he considers it his duty to teach the offender that no one can dare speak against a Hardy without suffering a beating.

Godwyn considers the Old Gods to be the true gods of the North, and regards the Seven in much the same way he considers his stepmother. This is probably just another manifestation of Godwyn's deeply held belief that the North is in all ways superior to the weak and decadent South.


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