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Early Morning House Call

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Rhys watched the exchange quietly, then tried to catch Sewell's eye after Kenrith was finished talking to him.

Sewell watched Kenrith with his father for a moment and then, as though satisfied nothing untoward would happen, came back towards Rhys and his chair by the fire.

"Is this a good time to resume our conversation," Rhys asked, "or would you prefer to wait?"

"I would prefer ... " Sewell began, and then broke off. "I'd prefer you'd see who is knocking at the door," he finished, smiling.

Rhys shook his head and went to answer the door.

It proved to be a guard, out of breath and frowning a little.

"It's the prisoner," he said. "Evan Tamm. He's been mortal sick - Ser Corryn sent me."

Rhys narrowed his eyes--Tamm had been in fine health yesterday, even after spending the night in the dungeon--and looked over his shoulder at his great-uncle. "The report is Tamm is ill. I'll go see to him, then come back so you can go get some breakfast."

He glanced briefly at Kenrith, then left with the guard.

After leaving Lord Hardy's chambers, Rhys detoured to the maester's tower to retrieve his healer's satchel before accompanying the guard out to the field where Tamm spent the night.

As he climbed to the upper floor, he heard the noise of ravens from the loft - a disturbance that suggested a newcomer had arrived recently.

Rhys pulled down the door from the ceiling and continued on up into the rookery.

There was a new bird there, pecking hungrily at the grain. Around its leg, it wore the colours of Winterfell.

Rhys walked over. He crooned to the new bird in its own language as he untied the message from its leg.

It was addressed to The Maester of Holdfast.

When he unrolled it, he saw that it was encoded. It would take him a little while to decipher.

Time that Rhys knew he didn't have right then. He settled the messenger raven and secured the note in a pocket in his robe, then retreated back down the stairs with his satchel to rejoin the guard.

"Lead me to Tamm now," he told the guard.

He led Rhys across the courtyard and out towards the tournament grounds - where they could see Ser Corryn and his daughter Limosa in apparent conversation with Evan Tamm hwho was sitting on the ground.

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