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Lady Clementa Draupaud

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Born a Lychester from the Riverlands, all her brothers were killed in the War of the Usurper. As she held to her brother Rhyfan and supported the Targaryens, her father disowned her. She was seized in the sack of Dragonstone, and awarded to Lord Steffan as a prize of war - although some would hold she was a poor bargain, as her father refused to recognise her or pay her dowry.

Some say she is mad - she seems more willing to spend time with animals than with men, although she will tolerate the company of other women. She has borne one child to Lord Steffan, but proved unable to bear the sight of or the presence of young Ranulf once he was older than three.

Lady Clementa has golden hair which - against all fashion - she wears loose and flowing - her maids say that she cannot endure to have her head touched, and will scream if any attempt to do so. She clings to the fashions of her youth, no matter how impractical the light flowing garments might be in a Northern setting. Oddly enough, she never seems to be ill (unless, as rumour has it, she is mad indeed).

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