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Catriona, age 21, is a free-ranging hunter of the North. Her fiery red hair is usually pulled back into a braid, except for a stray forelock that often tugs free to dangle over her forehead. She has emerald green eyes that are framed by a pale face with high cheekbones and a splash of freckles across her nose. She is tall for a woman, standing close to 510 in height, and has a lean, but muscular frame.

She moves with an easy grace, and her arrival and departures are often unnoticed, although little escapes her own observations. Most comfortable in the wilderness, she is reserved and can be a bit awkward when confronted with the intricacies of keep life and etiquette.

Catriona dresses in the browns, greys, and blacks of the woods, with the only splash of color being her hair when the hood of her cloak does not conceal it. A steel longsword hangs from her baldric, and a long knife rests at her belt. A quiver lies strapped to her back, with her longbow easily at hand. Ever present at her side is her animal companion Keir, a jet black female direwolf.

Known for her skill at the hunt, Catriona has been recruited to assist in the training of some of the younger nobles in the area. Her young charges have observed that the tension that often overshadows her when indoors melts away when she is in the woods.

Casting for Catriona is Miranda Otto.


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