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Rhys caught Godwyn before he left and said in a low voice, "Cells far enough away from each other that they can't work on their story together."

Godwyn nodded. "Good thought," he said.

When he reached the castle, [Godwyn] saw from the way the guards on the gate greeted him that his news of the death had preceded him. Once past them the gate, he saw Ser Herys and Ser Godfrey walking towards him in what seemed to be somewhat stilted conversation. Indeed, Ser Godfrey seemed rather relieved to see him.

"Ah ... Godwyn. We were on our way to the Godswood. What news from the town?"

"The dogs led us from the grave to the Goose & Gander," he replied. "One man tried to run when he was questioned, although that may just be because he's afraid of Ser Anders. Two of the sellswords are more interesting, one is wearing a bloody shirt that may have belonged to ... Gunther, was it?

"Grunther," said Ser Herys curtly.

"In any case," [Godwyn continued,] "the dogs took an interest in him. The captain of the sellswords was trying to interfere, so Ser Anders is having all three of them brought back for questioning and judgement. I'll have them thrown in the dungeon, in separate cells, to await your pleasure."

He waits, to see if his uncle has any further orders for him.

Ser Godfrey glanced at Ser Herys and then nodded. "Agreed. Tonight Ser Herys and I will stand vigil in the godswood - tomorrow we'll question these men." He smiled at his nephew. "I'll leave it to you to see they're in a chastened state of mind by tomorrow, Godwyn."

"Aye," Godwyn answered. He nodded his head respectfully to both men, then turned and headed for the little used dungeons of Holdfast. Once there he gave orders to have three cells, well separated from each other, prepared. "No food or drink for the prisoners," he ordered, "And no one is to speak with them. A guard in front of each door, and two guards on the stairs leading to the dungeon. I don't expect anyone to try to free them, but I don't want any drunk Bolton men coming down to take justice into their own hands, either. I'll be coming down later to speak with the prisoners."

Then he turned and headed back to the main hall, towards the feast.

He arrived in time to see Lady Celia leaving.

Donnell was stomping along in silence, but as they made their way along the forest road, he shot several speculative looks at Evan.

"You could have kept your nose clean," he finally said in a low undertone.

The corners of Evan's lips twitched slightly in amusement. "Even if I'd kept my mouth shut, you wouldn't have," he murmured. Ahead, one of the Holdfast guards glanced back at them with a scowl, and Evan gave him a broad smile as they continued to walk in silence.

Donnell was moved to protest. "I'd've given you time to get away! Probably."

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