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Alone of the people who accompanied Lady Clementa to Clearwater remains Septa Aloise, who was Clementa's nurse and tutor when she was a girl. This is the role she has continued to play to Clemanta's children. Although the boys pass out of her hands when they are no more than five, they retain an affection for this kindest and wisest of nurses and, of course, the girls continue to be in her care. For the Draupaud children, in some important senses, she is the only mother they have ever known.

She is the only septa in Clearwater and - as such - holds a position of considerable respect in the community. She is a formidable healer too, and willing to pass on her skills. Plump and jovial, she is certainly the person who taught the children to laugh and play, as well as to learn.

Septa Aloise is an average experienced septa [Faithful, Godsworn and Healer Paths] with the Riverlands Background.

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