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Sewell's conversation with Evan Tamm finished. The sellsword seemed to turn away, suddenly dejected. Sewell watched him for a moment, and then began to make his way back through the hall. Noticing Rhys, he nodded in acknowledgement.

Rhys walked over and met Sewell by his chair. "Uncle...something terrible has happened..." In a few breathless sentences, his voice low and his manner direct, Rhys told Sewell about the paltry guard, his arrangement with Merivel to take the raven, the raven's return, and his current plan to announce the news during the trial with everyone present. "Uncle, I would ask your advice," Rhys concluded.

"A rescue party, certainly," said Sewell. "How many were in his escort - do you know?"

Rhys thought a moment, then shook his head. "In truth, I do not. I remember only that Merivel thought the number stingy and that it seemed to him Lady Celia wished to be rid of him and wanted something to befall him on the road. I asked Merivel if he'd like me to talk to Kenrith and ask him to send one or two of his men, but Merivel declined. He only agreed to take the raven."

Sewell frowned. "Something should be done. Perhaps Kenrith's men could be used - and Tamlin and his dog. But announce it before all the assembly, and the rescue party will not be of your choosing. Which would you prefer?"

Rhys lowered his voice even more. "My hands are tied--I promised Ser Anders I would tell him when the raven arrived. If Lady Celia planned something with this, Ser Anders was the one to carry it out. I thought by announcing it in front of everyone it would best hold Anders accountable, for he will be involved in the rescue party one way or another, either choosing it or being a part of it. I plan to request to be a part of the party too."

Sewell nodded. "Be careful, though. It surprises me that Ser Anders would do something ... so against his own code. I think there's more to this than appears."

He looked around. "People are coming back in - we'll have a verdict shortly, I warrant."

"I should return to my seat, then," Rhys said. He nodded to his uncle and made his way back acrosss the room.

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