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(Continued from Inside the Septa's House: After the Battle and Merivel in Marshend)

As Aerin went outside, she became aware that there was a wagon on the top of the hill, looking down at them. One occupant seemed as small as Ranulf - the other looked oddly familiar ...

Aerin frowned. The number of people coming to this little hamlet was growing faster than a merchant's bill.

She checked behind her to make sure Shade had come from the house, then carefully pulled the door shut behind them.

"We'd better see who they are," she told her feline companion. She kept her sword out, but it was down at her side, the tip pointed toward the ground.

She started up the hill toward the wagon. "Hoy! Who are you?" she called when she was close enough to call out without shouting.

Grateful to see a familiar face for the first time in a very long time, the Maester of Clearwater could not resist calling out, holding up a hand to be recognized. "Aerin!" he called out to her.

Aerin startled as her name was called out.

She took a couple of steps more forward, the broke into a run.

"Maester! Maester! The Septa's in the house! She was shot by a poison arrow! You have to see to her!" she half shrieked, running up to the side of the wagon.

Once Aerin got closer the Maester could see Aerin was slightly worse for the wear as well. Small scratches on her face, and her off arm was in a sling.

"Easy, easy, Aerin." Merivel said soothingly, calmly. He stopped the wagon and gave a nod to his companion. "I'll come and see her. What's happened? Why are you here in the first place?" he asked as he got down off of the wagon.

Aerin gave the Maester the look she gave the training guards in the yard sometimes. The one where she wondered if they were daft.

She swallowed and spoke slowly. "The Septa is sick and needs your aid. I will tell you why we are here after you've helped her. Because it would take too long and she needs your aid Now! She's down in the house with Derron Thorn and the local Septa." And with this Aerin pointed at the house she'd just came out of.

Merivel tried not to laugh, remembeing's Aerin's tendencies all too well. "All right. Let's go, then. It will be all right, Aerin." Merivel promised her.

He then looked to Davin. "Coming?" he asked the Giant.

Aerin looked at Davin curiously, then offered unexpectedly "Shade, my cat, won't bother you if you leave him alone," she told Merivel's companion.

"Lovely," said Davin. "I must say that after the events of the last couple of days, I'm starting to get a certain nervousness around large creatures. Dorewolves. Eels. Shadowcats. Still, if you're sure that he won't bother me."

Shade turned and gave him a long, malevolent stare.

"Eels" Merivel repeated doubtfully. Aerin and Davin both could likely see something in the Maester's eyes as he repeated the word. Finally, he shook his head and looked to Aerin.

"Let's see to the Septa, Aerin." He gestured to her to lead.

Aerin gave her companion a curious look. Normally she trusted Shade's instincts on people.

And made a note to keep an eye on Merivel's companion.

She led Merivel down the small hill to the back door of the cottage, opened the door.

"Derron! I've found Maester Merivel!" she called out as she entered the kitchen.

Merivel followed Aerin inside, looking about for the Smith-turned-Steward.

(Continued in Marshend - After the Struggle: Derron, Mariam, and Visitors)

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