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A Brotherly Summit

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Kenrith left Syndra and Limosa outside Syndra's door and continued his search for Edlyn. From ahead he heard his brother's voice loudly demanding, "Volf, have I been anything other than fair and polite to you? You don't have any complaints, do you?"

As he turned a corner in the corridor he could see Godwyn, with Edlyn on his arm, staring at Volf in an almost threatening manner.

"No, no," said Volf weakly. "No complaints. Only ... I was wondering if I could ... wash."

Kenrith coughed, then said "Ahh... it seems I've found all three of you at once. Edlyn, I wanted to apologise for not passing your message on to Lady Celia last night. She was not where we thought she was. I hope you are well?" Kenrith asked with what sounded like concern.

"Yes, thank you, Ser Kenrith," said Edlyn politely, but with little of her usual animation. To Godwyn it sounded like the tone in which she addressed her mother, her uncle, and any other adults who she concealed her feelings from. Kenrith, of course, was not well acquainted enough with her to realise this.

Kenrith once again had the nagging sensation that there was something going on that he didn't understand. Her mannerisms were so different now than they had been when she had pronounced him to be disagreeable, and he wasn't sure if he was comfortable with the change.

"Syndra is meeting with Ser Corryn's grown daughter, Lady Limosa. If you please, I believe Syndra would appreciate your help in playing host?"

"Certainly, Ser. As you wish," said Edlyn, and she dropped a proper, polite curtsey, before she turned and retreated down the corridor towards her own room.

Godwyn held onto her arm for a moment longer and turned her towards him. He bent down and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek before releasing her.

And only Godwyn saw the wicked little look she gave him before she moved away, all sweet and demure obedience.

Godwyn chuckled quietly as Edlyn left, then looked to Kenrith.

To Godwyn, Kenrith said "You, Volf, and I should go and clarify Volf's status with our uncle and Ser Corryn. Most likely, he will be able to make his ablutions with the rest of the Laughing Knives,"

"On we go, then," Godwyn said with a smile. "We shall return Corryn's lost property and see what is what."

Kenrith nodded and led the way back to where Ser Corryn and his uncle had bid him bring Godwyn.

Godwyn followed him, and waited for his brother to knock at the door.

Finally, once they had reached their destination, Kenrith knocked at the door.

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