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Hogwarts Between

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A game set in the world of Harry Potter

This game will be starting in 1983. He Who Shall Not Be Named is dead ("Hoorah!") and his Death Eaters are all (we think) locked away or fled. Harry Potter is three years old - and you are eleven, and just starting at Hogwarts School.

The game is carefully set so that you are between the dangerous Voldemort years and the years when Harry Potter is at Hogwarts. You'll start the school when Bill Weasley is in Year 2 (and Charlie Weasley will start the following year).

We have tried to create a period when you will have most of the teachers that you know from the books. However, you should try not to do anything that might disrupt what happens in the later books. Killing Snape, or blowing up the Dining Hall would probably not be a good idea!

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