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Children of the Blood

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In ages past Oberon left the Courts of Chaos to found Amber and trace the Pattern, the anchor of all Order. This set him and all his progeny on a path that ended in much blood and pain, though on the crux of a new hope. But many of the tales are left untold, or skewed in the telling- for does not the victor write the history from his own perspective?

Children of the Blood will explore the truths behind the saga of Amber from a new perspective. It takes place in a time when the "Elders" were young, and Amber was great, with a great guiding force in King Oberon, leading the great city into it's heydays of glory.

You are the children of Amber, just beginning to learn your way in a myriad of shadows and lies. Learn the ways of the court and live through the epic battles of Corwin's youth.

A convention game, started at Dragon*Con 2006, this will be a continuing campaign set in the Amber universe.

Children of the Blood is run by Scott Acker.

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