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The Darkest Hour

An Amber Campaign

Time never waits.
It delivers all equally to the same end.
You, who wish to safeguard the future,
However limited it may be…
You will be given one year.
Go forth without falter,
With your heart as your guide…


Welcome to the Second Age of Amber, the Age of Enlightenment. Fifty years have passed since the Patternfall War. Fifty years of relative peace and prosperity that have all but erased the horrors of those dark days. Under the benevolent rule of King Random and Queen Vialle, this phoenix has risen from the ashes anew. They and their High Council have ushered in new technological and intellectual reforms, while an influx of cultures and races have transformed the First City into the true center of Creation. In a fractured universe, Amber has become a bastion of hope and knowledge for those who would walk its hallowed streets.

Or so it would appear.

In truth, behind every silver lining, there is a cloud. Shadows lurk beneath Amber’s bejeweled surface. Rebma plots to free itself from the shackles of its ‘reflection.’ The Golden Circle has devolved into a complex web of treaties and petty intrigues, each kingdom ever-watchful for its enemies’ slightest weakness or misstep. The Courts of Chaos are now divided by faith and house politics. As nationalism and expansionism fan the embers of mistrust and hate, it will take little more than a single spark to engulf all of Creation in the next Great War.

And all the while, an ancient threat festers beneath Amber, invisible, relentless. Unstoppable.

But for a rag-tag group of students at Faiella University, the only threat looming before them is the rapidly approaching mid-terms. How could they know that they and they alone will determine if the Second Age of Amber will be its last?

Soon, they will discover the powers hidden within them. Soon, they will witness the horrors lurking behind every shadow. Soon, they will face…

Their Darkest Hour.

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