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The City of Towers

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Welcome to Sharn, a massive metropolis steeped with magic, mystery, intrigue, danger and of course coin. The city literally towers atop a cliff above the mouth of the Dagger River in southern Breland. Every day, a hundred adventures unfold in the City of Towers. Heroes arise and meet their doom, treasures are unearthed, stolen, and recovered, and villains plot unending schemes of wickedness. In this city of blood and steam the heroes will find adventure- whether that will adventure will lead to glory and riches, or a shallow un-marked grave is a story that still remains to be told.

The City of Towers is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition game set in the setting of Eberron. While most of the game will be face to face, some character development and interlude moments will be done in other mediums.

This wiki contains reference material and campaign logs for the FtF DnD game being run at SNL. Please browse the wiki for further information on the heroes and their stories.


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