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Overworld is a game that blends elements of science fiction and fantasy seamlessly, without losing the key elements of either genre.

Based on a inspirations from Heroes Die and Blade of Tyshalle by Matthew Woodring Stover, Fading Suns by Holistic Designs, and Dune by Frank Herbert, Overworld takes place in a world torn by strife and continual war; a world in search of heroes.

Utilizing a fresh melange of familiar concepts and backgrounds, Overworld is intended to give the players a unique gaming experience in a unique gaming world. Previous experience with any of the source material is not required. However, all of the sources are excellent media for consumption- feel free to use them to help get an idea of what the flavor of the world is like.

The players are actors- but not just any breed of actor. An actor is a unique combination of a classical performer, professional athlete, mercenary, and re-enactor, ready to risk life and limb in fantasy adventure, trained and commissioned by the Entertainment Guild. In Overworld, those actors that prosper become immensely powerful. But in the real world, they are still faced with the reality of being a lower caste citizen- even though they enjoy many of the advantages of upper castes. But popularity can sometimes be its own powerbase...


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