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In Madness' Shadow

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A Convention Game set in the world of Galactic Renaissance

The Janus system is an interstellar trading hub, through which millions of Solaris pass through on their way to their final destination. Around its two suns, 7 planets revolve, only two of which are populated. These planets could nominally claim ownership of the systemís wormhole, but both were pre-stellar civilizations when the Empire found them, and still remain for the most part true to their primitive roots, and were more than happy to sell rights to a resource they didnít use to the government that promised to leave them alone in return. Later, they realized their mistake, but it was too late- each planet blames the other for losing out on what could have been a major windfall for planetary affairs. But they have become resigned to the fact that the little business they get from the nominal space station that monitors traffic through the system. This agreement has been maintained for hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, this halcyon agreement did not take into account Janus-3- or rather, one of the satellites of Janus-3. A planetary surveyor at the end of his rope found that this insignificant satellite contained a rich vein of the raw form of the drug Necro- one of the most insidious recreational drugs throughout the known worlds. This was a major economic discovery, and something of this scope was hard to keep silent. Nominally, rights to the asteroid belong to the inhabitants of the two planets of the Janus system. However that has not stopped an influx of prospectors with Necro-fever. The two planets of the system, wary of being taken advantage of once again are in arms against these prospectors- and each other. In the midst of this situation, the millions of Solaris of business that pass through this system are being delayed, and in some cases waylaid, creating disruption in trade throughout the sector.

Of all of the factors- this last is the reason that the Empire has become involved.

A summit of the leadership of the two planets and the Empire is to take place three days hence to diffuse the situation in the system before it degenerates into war. The attention of the Empire is focused on this sector- strains on trade are becoming such that the woes of this sector are affecting the Empire as a whole. The PCs are attached to the Imperial Service as diplomats, dignitaries, legal counsel, or bodyguards. They can also be Galactic journalists covering the incident, for the ramifications of success- or failure- will affect the whole Empire.

Can this hastily arranged conference between three different cultures end in victory for all? Or is the sector doomed to a catastrophic war?

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