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Gotham Nights

Welcome Gothamites and Visitors

This is the web site for the Gotham Nights RPG. If you are looking for a Batman PBeM to join, read on...

This PBeM (Play by e-mail) is set in Gotham City, circa the year 2000. The setting is darker than the traditional comic, more gritty with a more realistic feel. Think more along the Vertigo label of DC and you are in the right mindset.

Batman is a recent arrival in the city, though Bruce Wayne has been a resident all his life as before. His crusade against evil only happened after his law practice collapsed around his ears in the corruption of the city. As a result, Gotham is a lot closer to the brink than it ever was in any other iteration.

So come join us in the darker side of Gotham where the four-color superhero world has been stripped to stark shades of black and white.

Experienced writers preferred, auditions necessary.

For mature audiences only.

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