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Above Us The Waves


Random, King of Amber, has summoned you to his rooms. When you get there, you find a bunch of your cousins. Younger cousins, brothers and sisters of the better known offspring of the Elders. The shy, the troublemakers, the just plain geeky. Looking around, you start to feel a sinking feeling. Random classes you with this bunch?

Random is nervous, jittery. You haven't seen him like this since ... well, ever, probably. He's fiddling with a pair of drum sticks (a hard trick to pull off), and when he realises what he's doing, he puts them down, but periodically uses his fingers to beat out rhythms. And he either looks over your heads or down at the papers on the table.

By now your heart has descended to your boots and started tunneling out through the soles.

The thing is this, Random eventually explains. There's some sort of trouble in Rebma. He doesn't have a handle on it ... relations between Amber and Rebma have been a little ... sticky. Random wants you to visit, to find out what's wrong and - if you can - to make sure that - even if it's not put right - it's not going to be a Problem for Amber. Oh, and if you get into trouble, he knows nothing about this - ok?

And whatever you do, Don't Tell Martin.

Above Us The Waves

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