Eclipse Phase is actually two games - Penumbral Shadows and Thus Space Zarathustra. Each game has its own themes and feeling, but both will be set in an extension of the setting of Eclipse Phase by Posthuman Studios. It is a transhuman world broken by events and threats- both external and internal. One is more a conspiracy-horror thriller, and the other a survival sandbox in a perilous world.

Both are based in recent media such as The Expanse, Altered Carbon, Firefly, Bubblegum Crisis and others. Previous experience with any of the source material is not required. However, all of the sources are excellent media for consumption- feel free to use them to help get an idea of what the flavor of the world is like.

Please browse the site and the wiki for more information about the game.


the game

Eclipse Phase uses a modified version of Fate Core with Concepts from Gumshoe. More...


the setting

Eclipse Phase uses the concept of a dual-setting- two separate campaigns in one unified game. More...


the pitch

With a focus on storytelling, Eclipse Phase needs players that are skilled writers in addition to committed roleplayers. More...


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